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A lady and 2 girls with down syndrome stretching

How We Work

Body Wellness Place offers a range of flexible memberships and packages for our group and personal training sessions. You can choose the right membership style for you when you book your session.

Step 1: Choose Your Plan

To take advantage of the FREE FIRST GROUP SESSION offer, select the Free Group Trial option.

You will need to create an account so that we can contact you about your sessions.

Step 2: Choose Your Session

Our FREE GROUP TRIAL can only be used to book group sessions.

Flexible Options

We keep things flexible for you at Body Wellness Place! You can pause or cancel your membership at any time and you don't need to worry about being locked into long-term contracts. To pause your membership, please contact Belinda and give reasonable notice.

How to Buy a Plan

This quick video will show you how to use our website to purchase a membership or package.

How to Use Your Plan

This video shows you how to use your plan to book your weekly group and PT sessions. Don't forget to log in and book your sessions every week to secure the time and group that suits you.

Choose Your Plan or Package

  • 28Day Kick Starter | Love Us Or Leave Us

    Valid for 28 days
  • Free Group Session Trial

    Valid for 3 weeks
  • Flexi Group Session x 10

    Valid for 3 months
  • Unlimited Group Exercise Session Plan

    Every week
  • 2 x Group sessions per week

    Every week
  • 1 x PT weekly Plan

    Every week
  • 2 x PT Weekly Plan

    Every week
  • 3 x PT Weekly Plan

    Every week
  • 1 x Group session Per Week Plan

    Every week
  • Combo 1 x PT + 1 x Group session

    Every week
  • Combo 1 x PT session 2 x Group sessions

    Every week
  • Recurring 1 x Group Session

    Every week
    Valid for 52 weeks
  • 21 Day Introduction Special

    Valid for 21 days
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