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How We Work

Body Wellness Place offers a range of flexible memberships and packages for our classes and personal training sessions. You can choose the right membership style for you when you book your class.

Step 1: Choose Your Plan

To take advantage of the FREE FIRST CLASS offer, select the Free Class Trial option.

You will need to create an account so that we can contact you about your class.

Step 2: Choose Your Session

Our FREE CLASS TRIAL can only be used to book class sessions.

Choose Your Plan or Package

  • Free Class Trial

    Enjoy a free trial of any one of our classes
    Valid for 3 weeks
  • Flexi Classes x 10

    Casually attend classes at your own leisure
    Valid for 3 months
  • Unlimited Classes Plan

    Every week
    Unlimited access to classes
  • 2 x Classes Per Week Plan

    Every week
    Attend any 2 classes on a recurring weekly basis
  • 1 x PT weekly Plan

    Every week
    Recurring single PT session one per week package
  • 2 x PT Weekly Plan

    Every week
    Recurring 2 Personal Training sessions per week package
  • 3 x PT Weekly Plan

    Every week
    Reoccurring 3 Personal Training sessions per week package
  • 1 x Class Per Week PLan

    Every week
    Attend any 1 class on a recurring weekly basis.
  • Combo 1 x PT + 1 x Group session

    Every week
    Mix it up attend 1 Personal Training session for individualised care and 1 Group session as well
  • Combo 1 x PT session 2 x Group sessions

    Every week
    Mix it up attend 1 Personal Training session for individualised care and 2 Group session as well
  • Recurring weekly class

    Every week
    Valid for 52 weeks

What Clients Are Saying...

On 1 October 2016  I started with Belinda at her home gym. I was 75 years of age and weighed 110 kgs. For 2 years prior that I went to a gym who showed me 5 machines to work out on. I visited it 3 days a week and did what I had been shown. For my other time I was very much a “couch potato” riveted to a computer. Over those 2 years I lost no weight and lost more movement. More about that later.

Since I started with Belinda, I have been shown better eating habits, which have reduced my weight to 95 kgs. I have held that weight for a year now and am excited about that.

Having Belinda as my PT, who is with me through a 30 minute work out 3 times a week has been my answer to improving my health and mobility. She takes me through a myriad of exercises with and without weights, and which includes walking, bike and rowing machine work-outs. She helps me with balance and posture.

The combined effect of these is that I now can easily do up shoes, tuck my shirts in, towel my back. My flexibility has improved significantly. I recommend you get this sort of help to assist you to change the things you wish towards a better quality of life.


- John, aged 81

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